Stephanie Quirk, 9.-12. September

SQuirkPortrait4 days : Seeing and Understanding from the Base
For yoga students with experience and yoga teachers

This is more open form of study (than the 6 part therapy training that I have conducted in many centres). It allows participation of experienced students in the initial stage of study observation and investigation. The study of the subject is organised in such a way that the initial 2 days is open to all interested and experienced students. The subject is then linked to the practical adaptations and adjustments that the teacher can bring to assist students confounded by their limitations and adversities, these 2nd two days are for certified teachers and teachers in training.

The emphasis is on the teacher learning the asana from the inside out, learning what is the inner feel in tone, intensity, in form, in elemental changes of gravity and the arrangement of each asana and the interaction and changes that result in the entire inner atmosphere.

Subjects covered in different workshops :

Each workshop is an individual module. There is no prior attendance at previous part or workshop is required. The extent of the subject studied is appropriate for the certified teacher who is looking for solutions to the common difficulties and obstacles that many of their students face.

Here is a list of the subjects for the series. Each part (1 – 8) entails 4 days of study.

  1. The Karmendriyas 1 – Feet, Knees and HipsSirsasanaMitGurten_MT
  2. The Karmendriyas 2 – Arms, Shoulders and the Upper Spine
  3. The Core – the spine – Lower back
  4. The energetic embodiment 1 – the work of bring “Life”, health of the vital organic body.
  5. The energetic embodiment 2 – metabolism, absorbtion, elimination and vital heat – this workshop is working much more closely with problems that the teacher commonly encounters such as diabetes, disturbances in digestion, absorbtion, and elimination.
  6. The energetic embodiment 3 – The role of apana vayu. Known in its role to throw the wastes out of the body, but is also responsible for the holding.
  7. Acquiring the state of calm neutrality: learning to tune for balance – how to work with students who are struggling with systemic imbalances – the state of innerpervading tension, Balances of the endcocrine and of the nervous systems ***
  8. Listening – Seeing – Realising : the senses of perception and the Overseer of them, the mind ***

Day 1 – open to experienced Students (set a limit of practicing inversions) and teachers. As I teach the first 3 classes I am setting up the topic/subject that I will lead into the work for the teachers on the following days.

Day 2 – Also open to experienced students. In the afternoon we will begin the very important aspect of observation.

Day 3 – the teachers attending days 3 & 4 must have done days 1 & 2. We look into adjustments and adaptations of the students that attend classes (teachers only from here). Adjustments can be carried out for a variety of reasons, to educate the student, to correct the student, to enable the pose to work more directly for the student.

Day 4 – Adjustments and adaptations continued and leading onto the therapy application according to theme or subject being looked at over all four days. This way General students can be accommodated for all of days 1 & 2, then teachers for the rest – BUT – the teachers attending days 3 & 4 must have done days 1 & 2.“

Details and booking:

Dates: Part 1,
for experienced Students / Teachers:
9.-10. September
Part 2,
for certified Iyengar Yoga teachers and teacher-trainees (participation in Part 1 required):
11.-12. September
Timings: Saturday, Sunday, Monday: 10:00 -13:00 & 15:00 – 17:30
Tuesday: 9:00 – 12:00 and 13:30 – 16:00
Fee: Saturday: 110 €
Saturday, Sunday: 200 €
Saturday, Sunday, Monday: 300 €
Complete: 375 €
Booking: Telefon, eMail or via our Webshop  Register for workshop

Link zu Stephanie’s Article : Therapeutics in Iyengar Yoga: ‚Your Job is to Put the Student on the Path to Yoga‘



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